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2022 Cumming Arts Center Class Schedule
Kris Straukas   


Instructor: Kris Straukas

Private Drawing Lessons are available for the advanced beginner to advanced student, ages 13 years old to adult. Lessons are tailored to each student. 

Please Click Here to contact kris for complete private lesson information, questions,                                             and registration payment form




Drawing Studio sessions will allow artists to work on their drawing projects with support of an instructor to help achieve their artistic goals.

One of the most difficult tasks artists complain about is scheduling a dedicated time to work on their art. Drawing Studio is the perfect opportunity to carve out some quality time, work among fellow artists, help inspire one another, and get the creative juices flowing!  The instructor will be available to help with composition, transferring, layout, studio tips and ‘tricks of the trade’, along with demonstrations of pencil techniques and different drawing products.

Artists will have the option of using their own photo references, or collaborate with the instructor and fellow artists to creating still-life set ups or booking (clothed) models (additional model fee).  Drawing Studio is available for ages 13yrs thru adult. It is highly recommended to have completed a basic drawing class or mastered basic drawing skills prior to attending Drawing Studio. Day and Evening sessions available.  Click Here for Kris’ Artist Bio.        

Cost: $20.00 Per Two Hour Session
Drawing Studio – Day Sessions: Every Tuesday – 1PM to 3PM  –  FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT CLICK HERE
Drawing Studio – Evening Sessions: Every Wednesday – 5:30PM to 7:30PM – FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT  CLICK  HERE 




This class will teach you the basics in Encaustic painting. Learn how to melt the medium and keep it within a safe working temperature, tools required and safety precautions to get you started. Experiment with different materials to create an 8 x 8 collage. All materials are included. What is Encaustic Painting? The word “Encaustic” is a Greek word meaning “to heat or burn in”. Encaustic medium is made of natural Beeswax and Damar Resin (crystallized tree sap). The beeswax and resin is melted, pigment can be added, and applied in layers to a porous surface with brushes and other tools. Wax layers are then reheated to fuse it to the previous layer. Encaustic mediums and paints are a versatile, spontaneous medium. They can be re-melted to create different effects, layered in opaque or translucent layers, modeled, textured, scraped, sculpted, polished, or combined with a variety of materials to create collage works. Unlike other paints, encaustic is never wet or dry – it goes from a liquid to a solid state and back again in seconds, allowing additional layers to be added immediately.


Three Dates Available:
Friday, June 17th – 10AM to 3PM
Friday, July 29th – 10AM to 3PM
Friday, August 26th – 10AM to 3PM
Cost: $145.00 – Materials included.



What is Amigurumi? Amigurumi is a Japanese term that refers to the beautiful and artful technique of crocheting stuffed whimsical animals, dolls and other 3-D objects.

This three-hour beginner class will provide instruction to learn basic Amigurumi stitches and create a baby bird key chain or baby Chick. Workshop will include pattern, with detailed instructions and pictures. It is recommended that students are familiar with the following basic crochet stitches: single crochet, slip stitch, chain stitch, double and triple crochet stitch.  

This class is perfect for Parent/Child class! Minimum age for children is 10 years old.


DATES:  June 2nd OR August  11th
Time: 10AM to 1PM
Cost: $40.00 per person

For more information,  online registration and payment click Here.







Amigurumi Crochet Workshop – Belle the Bunny


What is Amigurumi? Amigurumi is a Japanese term that refers to the beautiful and artful technique of crocheting stuffed animals, dolls and other 3D objects.

This workshop is for the advanced beginner/intermediate level student that is familiar with basic Amigurumi and crochet stitches; the magic ring, single crochet stitch, slip stitch, the increase stitch and invisible decrease stitch. Kris will teach you how to crochet ‘in the round” using the Magic Ring and a series of increase and decrease stitches to create Belle the Bunny! Workshop will include pattern, with detailed instructions and pictures. If you are unable to finish your bunny during the workshop, there will be an opportunity to attend a free open studio session for any additional help needed.  Minimum age is 10 years old, but please note: This class is a bit more complex for children so it is highly recommended the Amigurmi Crochet for Beginners class is completed.

Material List: Click Here.

If you need to learn the basic Amigurumi stitches, Kris is holding a beginner workshop where you will learn how to make a baby bird keychain or baby chick.

DATES: June 9th or August 18th

TIME: 10AM to 3PM

COST: $55.00 per person

For more information,  online registration and payment click here.


Instructor – Hal Schwab


Watercolor Painting Studio will allow beginning level students, to work on their painting projects with the support of an instructor to help achieve their artistic goals. One of the most common fears is the lack of control of the media and not being able to paint detail. A small, simple start along with constant practice will lead the student to achieve results in watercolor they never imagined!  Students will bring their own supplies, snacks and beverages, photo references or collaborate with the instructor and fellow artists to create still-life set ups. 

Watercolor Painting Studio is available for ages 18yrs thru adult.  Click Here for Recommended Material List.  Click Here for Hal’s Artist Bio.

DATES: Every Saturday (Unless Noted)                                                                                                                       

TIMES: Two Hour Sessions – 1:00PM to 3:00PM                                      

COST: $30.00 Per Two Hour Session                                                                                                          


Beginner Oil Painting Workshop

Instructor:  Elizabeth Stallings


Learn to paint in oils in a one day, interactive workshop! Instruction focuses on the traditional, classical method of oil painting, from start to finish. Workshop time includes instructor lessons, handouts, demo’s of methods and plenty of hands-on painting time for students. Topics covered: safety and use of materials, brush care, basic color mixing, basic design, value, and paint application techniques. Students will complete practice exercises, advancing to beginning a painting; completing the painting as time allows. All students will leave the workshop with the confidence and knowledge to continue painting on their own.

Beginner Oil Painting Workshop is available for ages 18 and above.  Click HERE the Material List.  Click HERE for Elizabeth’s Bio





                                 Additional Classes by Elizabeth Stallings

Beginner acrylic Painting Workshop


Discover the fun and versatility of acrylic painting in this one day, hands-on painting workshop! Acrylics are easy to use, may be used in multiple ways for a variety of painting techniques, and clean up with soap and water. Instruction includes lecture, demo’s, handouts, and plenty of painting time. Class instruction will cover all of the basics of creating a painting using acrylics, using a step by step method, including core principles of good painting along the way. Students will leave the workshop with the information they need to continue to create more paintings on their own.

Beginner Acrylic Painting Workshop is available for ages 18 and above.  Click HERE the Material List.  Click HERE for Elizabeth’s Bio


TIME: 10:00 AM to 3:00PM (Includes Break for Lunch)

COST: $150.00 per person


Watercolor Dry Brush Technique Workshop

Instructor – Alan R, Young


In this two-day workshop, students will be improving upon their watercolor technique by introducing a new style of dry brush painting. This technique will improve control over the watercolor paint, allowing for a more photorealistic finished product.

Paint wildlife and nature elements in watercolor with a dry brush technique using “less” water, minimal underpainting.  Students will learn the technique of painting by subtraction, the lifting of paint to create highlights, and layering shadows. Each application follows the “dry” stage of the painting.  Unlike traditional watercolor, there is no wet on wet, or similar applications.  For intermediate students, the chiaroscuro effect (black background, negative subject matter) will be demonstrated and practiced.  Basic drawing and value scale principle will be taught.  Watercolor Dry Brush Technique Workshop is available for ages 18 and above.   Click HERE for Alan’s Artist Bio

Student Materials List:

  • Basic watercolor set (student grade acceptable)
  • Assorted sable brushes
  • 18” x 24” Strathmore cold press tablet
  • Reference photos – minimum size-8×10 (no digital screen photos)

DATES: June 24th & 25th            

TIME: 10AM TO 3PM (Includes Break for Lunch)                                                                                         

COST: $150 per person


Children’s Drawing Class

Dinosaurs, Unicorns, Dragons, Oh My!

Instructor – Elizabeth Porcel


In this drawing course for children 8 – 13 years old, we will empower children to learn next-level drawing techniques such as breaking complex subject matter into simple shapes. Imagination and exploring different ways of seeing and drawing will be emphasized. This course is intended for children that enjoy drawing and want to focus on growing their skills.  Click Here for Elizabeth’s Artist Bio.

DATES:  Every Friday – May 27th thru July 29th (Unless Noted)


COST: $30 per person ($25 per person if you register for two or more classes)

             $5 Material Fee per class (paid directly to the instructor day of class)



Instructor – Tom Slavicek 

                            Tom Slavicek    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Click Here for Tom’s Artist Bio

Students will have time to make a leather shoulder bag of your choice or choose any project from the following: Leather Belt; Passport Wallet; Journal; Phone Pouch with Braided Strap; Drawstring Pouch; Clutch Purse; and more. Depending on the project you choose you may have time to make another one. You will be able to learn techniques of cutting leather and stitching styles. If desired, you can learn how to use a wood burning tool to inscribe a design directly on to the leather and colorize it. All leathers, materials, tools and instructions are provided, along with templates. No artistic ability is necessary, nor is any previous leather working experience. This is a one-day workshop and typically runs from 10:00am to 4:30pm and for beginners to advanced level students 16 yrs to adult. You do not need to bring anything except lunch, enthusiasm, and your desire to make something beautiful! Be sure to indicate which project you want to work on when you register.

Four Dates to Choose From:                                                                    

Saturdays: July 23                                                                                    Time: 10:00AM to 4:30PM

                  August 20                                                                                 Cost: $85.00 per person (Materials Included)

                  September 17                                                                          Click Here for Registration and Payment

                  November 19

Rock Painting Workshop 

Children (Ages 6 -7 & Ages 8 -13) & Senior (Ages 55+) Sessions



                                                                                                                                     Click Here for Melissa’s Artist Bio

Are you ready to paint rocks but have no idea How or Where to start? You may have never before and need to know how. Or maybe you paint and have no idea how to successfully use rocks as your creative canvas. In this rock painting workshop, we will learn how to plan your ideas and paint rocks.   

Three Workshops to choose from: 

Children Ages 6 – 7 One Hour Workshop                  Children Ages 8 – 13 Two Hour Workshop                            Senior Ages 55+  Two Hour Workshop

Date: June 8                                                                  Dates: Choice of Mondays & Tuesdays June 6 – 28              Dates: Two to Choose From: June 15 or 16

Time: 10AM to 11AM                                                       Time: 10AM to 12PM                                                                    Time: 9AM to 11AM

Cost: $20.00 + $5 Material Fee                                   Cost: $30.00 + $5 Material Fee                                               Cost: $30.00 + $5 Material Fee

Click Here for Registration                                         Click Here for Registration                                                    Click Here for Registration