Floral on a Grey Background by Leslie Rogers Todder

Whoopee Ti Yi Yo by Jon Schaubhut


Walk with Me by Lynn Daniels

All is Calm

All is Calm by Bert Grant


Winter Swept by Arris Grace Hodge

Winter on the Farm by Kay Money

Time Lapsed by Ruby Bagby

Spring on the Yellow Brick Road

Spring on the Yellow Brick Road by Diana Craver

Spring Enchantment by Juanita Bellavance

Seasons by Lorraine Hancock

Lake Life by Dianne Lacefield

Abby Hermes

Home Remedies by Abby Hermes


Georgia Farm in Winter by Ginger Malone

Frondescence Mist by Katy McGill


Vacation Time in the Smokies by Debbie Greenlee


Branches by Elizabeth Porcel


Autumn Morning by Janet Blethen