2023 Calendar Contest Winners


We had 14 artists whose works were selected for the calendar this year….12 for the calendar months and two for the front and back cover.  There were nearly 300 ballots sent in with over 800 votes to be counted.  It was a very close contest and there were so many worthy artworks.  Each of the entries received multiple votes.  I am delighted to tell you that the following 14 artists have been voted into the calendar (in alphabetical order):


                Ruby Bagby                         Jonquil and Snail

                Garry Colby                         Red Tractor

                Diana Craver                       Hanging Out

                Marilyn DeCusati              On the Bright Side

                Jeff Gladden                       Carrie

                Vicki Gladden                     Mornings with Jesus

                Ruth Jones                          Kumquats

                Shannon Kimotto             Colorado Autumn

                Randy Linder                      Mullet Run

                Allen Money                       Butterflies

                Kay Money                          Hardman Farm & Crescent Hill Church   

                Kris Straukas                       The Wren

                Donna Tisdale                    Proteus – Greek God of the Sea

                Martha Whidden              New Orleans Groove


Photos of the winning entries are posted below. Look for our 2023 calendar to be out in late fall.  In the meantime, we encourage you to purchase this year’s calendar with more amazing artworks.


Congratulations to all who participated and helped promote the arts in Forsyth County.



The Winners ……………..

101-Hanging Out-Photograph-

Diana Carver 


102-Red Tractor-Oil Painting-Garry Colby

107-Jonquil and Snail-Oil Painting-Ruby Bagby

114–Proteus Greek God of the Sea-Watercolor-Donna Tisdale

117-Carrie-Photograph-Jeff Gladdin

112-On-the Bright Side-Photograph-

Marilyn DeCusati

119-Kumquats-Acrylic Painting-Ruth Jones

120-New Orleans Groove-Colored Pencil-Martha Whidden

124-Colorado Autumn-Mixed Media Shannon Kimotto 


Kris Straukas


127-Mullet Run-Acrylic Painting-Randy Linder


129- Butterflies Segmented Ring Vase-Alan Money





105-Mornings with Jesus-Photography-Vicki Gladden




130-Hardman Farm & Crescent Hill Church-Oil Painting-Kay Money