10:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Cumming Arts Center
111 Pilgrim Mill Rd, Cumming, GA 30040, Cumming, GA, 30041

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Class Description

Instructor: Kris Straukas
Fee:  $125.00

This six-hour workshop is for the intermediate/advanced student who is looking to learn photo-realism techniques in color pencil. Students with intermediate/advanced drawing skills will learn advanced steps using dry and water-soluble color pencils and work on a small drawing from a photograph. Students must be prepared for class with a graphite drawing on Stonehedge paper no larger than an 8×10 (Please see material list for complete information).

Level –  Intermediate/Advanced

Material List

  • Dry Color Pencils: Professional grade color pencils are a must! Prismacolor brand is preferred
    due to blending capabilities and availability in local stores; invest in the largest set you can
    afford. Blick Art Supply has incredible discounts online at DickBlick.com, and also available
    in stores. If you have another brand such as Derwent, FaberCastel, etc., feel free to use what
    you already have in stock.
  • Water-Soluble Color Pencils: Professional grade color pencils are a must! Caran D’ Ache
    Supracolor Soft Aquarelle pencils are highly recommended, a small set will go a long way.
    Water-soluble pencils are used sparingly and mostly for base layers, so a large set is not
    necessary. Available online at DickBlick.com and in stores.
  • Stonehedge Drawing Paper – White: The BEST paper for color pencil; available in pads or
    large single sheets at Blick Art Supply. Note: Extra Stonehedge paper will be supplied for
    practicing in class.
  • Photo: Please do not choose animals, or high reflective or glossy objects (glass, porcelain,
    etc.); highly recommend a simple subject and composition.
  • Small drawing board.
  • Any additional drawing supplies you normally use. If you have a desktop Ottlite, please
    bring it along.
  • Graphite drawing: Drawing must be very light, using an ebony pencil is preferred but if you
    tend to draw dark, use a 2H/4H but be careful not to press hard and indent the paper.
  • Pencil sharpeners, kneaded erasers, extra drawing paper, and additional drawing supplies
    provided. Please contact me for any questions at KStraukasArt@gmail.com.


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