Show dates: Wednesday, May 1st, 2024 to Saturday, June 22nd, 2024






For all the aspiring photographers, we bring you another photography show. We will have 3 themes. Water, Waterfalls, which can include mills, houses, or external buildings; Night Scenes/Night Skies, which can include people, events and stars and Birds & Wildlife.

Participating Photographers:


      Avery, Alexis… Boles, Jeff… Dickson, Traci… Fetter, Darlene…

      Garris, Bryan…Gladden, Vicki… Grant, Bert… Gray, Linda…


Hess, Taylor… Lincoln, Gay… Olmstead, Patrick… Parris, Cheryl

Pember, Fred… Ramamurthy, Priya… Reed, Tom…. Simon, Kurt…

Sims, Alison… Wood, Christine



2024 Photography Exhibit Winners:

Best in Show – Traci Dickson – Down the Hatch

Theme: Birds & Wildlife

1st Place – Micheal Amos – The Lion

2nd Place – Traci Dickson – Snowy Egret Feeding Frenzy

3rd Place – Fred Pember – Denali Trail

HM – Jeff Boles – Lonely Pelican

HM – Patrick Olmstead – The Chase


Theme: Waterfalls/Water

1st Place – Alison Sims – Glades Grist Mill

2nd Place – Micheal Amos – Cloudland Canyon

3rd Place – Patrick Olmsted – Anna Ruby Falls

HM – Alison Sims – Angels-Panther-Falls

HM – Jeff Boles – Bar Harbor


Theme: Night Scenes

1st Place – Darlene Fetter – The Milky Way over Jekyll Island

2nd Place – Alison Sims – Icelandic Aurora

3rd Place – Bryan Garris – UNG Observatory

HM – Taylor Hess – Urban Gold Rush

HM – Patrick Olmsted – Driftwood Candelabra

Please visit the Cumming Arts Center to view these winning photographs and all the others on exhibit.


Entry Removals, Sunday, June 23rd, 2024 12pm – 4pm