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Gallery-Gift Shop Waiver Gallery / Gift Shop Waiver/Release Revised 12/17/2023 AJS The parties known as the Sawnee Association of the Arts, hereafter referred to as SAA, dba Cumming Arts Center, hereafter referred to as CAC, acknowledges that the artist whose name appears in the online submission has furnished the SAA/CAC with the items described within the online submission. THE ARTIST’S ACCEPTANCE ALSO SERVES TO DECLARE THAT ARTWORKS ARE original pieces of art produced by the artist.  As with all exposure to the public there is risk of theft and damage to artist’s merchandise. SAA dba CAC and the CITY OF CUMMING assume no responsibility for loss or damage to merchandise/ARTWORK offered for public viewing. The artist is encouraged to obtain insurance on his/her own. Artists assume all risk of loss, theft, or damage for all items offered for sale or for display during any event on site at the Cumming Arts Center.  If you participate in outside shows, please do not remove gift items from the Cumming Arts Center to take to your shows. If you removed pieces for outside shows, please hang or place an equivalent piece in its place or place a sold sign.  If you are a member, you must volunteer to work at least two – 4-hour shifts per month when your work is on exhibit. If you cannot work, then you must notify the CAC chairperson and attempt to find another volunteer to work in your place. Sign up for your shifts on the website on the Volunteer Here page and click on the signup genius button at the top of the page.  This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of GEORGIA and it shall be the responsibility of CAC to collect and pay to the state of GA any sales taxes that are due. Sawnee Association of the Arts/dba/Cumming Arts Center. It is organized as a 501 c 3 and cannot act solely as a retail business. Sales and sale of all artwork offered for sale in the gallery, since all sales are processed through the Gift Shop. Beginning January 1 st , 2024, a 25% commission fee will be charged for each item sold; this includes all artwork and Gift Shop items.