RT CONTEST “never Stop Learning” Awards






  2d Winners   1st Place:   Yiqing Zhang      “Paradise”        Pastel     Lambert High Schoo            3D Winners

    1st Place:   Marilyn Ingram   “Peacock”     Cardboard Sculpture   West Forsyth High School

    2nd Place:  Axel Harding      “Friday Night Lights”   Ink                West Forsyth High School

                     2nd Place:  Elena Clarke      “Sinister Lure”        Ceramic                 Forsyth Central High School

    3rd Place:  Kieun Song          “Longing for Love”      Watercolor  Lambert High School

                                3rd Place:  Laurel Ross “Jelly Bean Plate and Bowl Set” Ceramic  Forsyth Central High School

Photography/Digital Winners

    1st Place:   Finn Goss        “Self Portrait”    Digital Photography    South Forsyth High School

    2nd Place:  Lucca DeSouza   “Vovo”               Digital Painting          Denmark High School

    3rd Place:  Aylin Gurlek        “Art n’ Groove”      Digital                    Denmark High School

Honorable Mention Winners

Sophia Burkus      “Detention”              Digital Photography       South Forsyth High School

Elizabeth Sharp    “Peace”                     Pastel                                North Forsyth High School

Mikayla Powell     “Elk Overlook”         Graphite Pencil              Home-School

Graciela Castro     “Cuban Car”              Mixed Media                 Denmark High School

Parker Phalen        “Henderson Inspiration”        Ink                   West High School

Alyn Kosai           “Year of the Chicken”    Watercolor Pen     West High School


Introducing Students to Art and the Artists


The Cumming Arts Center members have attended the annual art festival held at Dave’s Creek Elementary School since 2017. The 2020 event takes place on April 28 from 4:30pm until 7:30pm. The Arts Center has added the Big Creek Elementary School festival which will take place on April 30, from 5pm until 7pm.

These events bring the kids and artists together and gives those students interested in art the opportunity to watch and learn from our members. 


What better way to bring art to the community!