2025 Calendar Contest Winners

Front Cover of Calendar ” Roses Just Because”

Pastel Pencils by Kay Money

January “Paradise” Acrylic by Ellen Lewis

February “Into the Wind” Charcoal by Jill Johnson

March “Joyous Swinging” Acrylic by Ann Canada

April “Spring Has Arrived” by Michael Amos

May “Flight” Photograph by Vicki Gladden

June “Scent of the South” Acrylic by Greg Harbison

July “Ooh La La” Acrylic and oil Pastels by Jane Berke


August “Gibbs Gardens Arching Trees” 

Photography by Kurt Simon

September “Flower Symphony” Acrylic by Elisabeth Simon


October “Cotton Farm” Oil by Janet Blethen

November “Rough Seas” Digital Art by Cheryl Parris.

December “All is Calm” Acrylic by Bert Grant

Back Cover “Sleepy Fox” Oil by Alison Sims