Courthouse Art

Commissioned by the District Attorney of Forsyth County


Sawnee Association of the Arts was commissioned to provide art for the walls of the Grand Jury Room at the Forsyth County Courthouse. 

Fourteen artists volunteered their talent and on May 25th the art was officially hung on the walls. 

Paintings also are displayed in the witness room.  There, we provided images of the State Bird (the Brown Thrasher), Tree (the Live Oak) and the flower (the Cherokee Rose). 

The agreement with the district attorney is to rotate the art every six months or so to keep the art fresh. With each ‘installment’, we plan to incorporate a different theme, but one that highlights an aspect of our county.  Our thanks to Kris Weeden for heading up this project and her committee.  Thanks also to Penny Penn, our District Attorney for giving us this opportunity. 


Ongoing opportunities

Art in other County Buildings

The “Courthouse” project was such a success.  A number of other county officials inquired as to how they could get our member’s art in their offices.  

We’ve contacted employees with the City Hall, the Administration building and the new Voters Registration building.