Jean Sullivan


Jeannie grew up in a small town in Michigan and spent much of her time on weekends in the northern woods. Growing up her mother, a talented artist and creative soul, taught and encouraged Jeannie to develop her creative and artistic talents. Throughout all levels of school Jeannie excelled in art and architectural classes. She continued developing her talent at home working with acrylic and oil paintings. A year after graduating high school, Jeannie was accepted and attended Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For financial reasons Jeannie was only able to complete 1 year of a 2 year program, but left with a wealth of knowledge.

Jeannie has worked with pencil (lead and color), watercolor, acrylic and oil paints since childhood. Much of her artwork she or family members still possess. In the early 90’s Jeannie developed and copyrighted a cartoon character (one of many). The cartoon character(s) are called Gibbles. She had a desire to syndicate her cartoons different than what cartoon strips were currently portraying. Being a single mom she drew over 30 cartoon strips depicting the issues that many single parents encounter, all with a humorous endings. It was a very meditative experience and an outlet to find humor in everyday life. As with many people, life got in the way and the pencils were put aside. Jeannie still holds the copyright and the cartoon strips, with the intent that one day she will make the time to market and publish

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