Erin Harvey


Erin Harvey is a professional, Atlanta born artist who has been teaching kids of all ages for over 8 years. Having found her true passion, Mrs. Erin desires to empower young artists with confidence by introducing the art skills that are often overlooked in today’s how-to world of art.  She believes learning about art is more than just “how to” copy something or someone.  To truly understand how to do something without needing to reference instructions, a student needs to understand the fundamentals and principles behind something. Focusing on brain-training exercises to fine-tune one’s ability to measure and draw something accurately, for example, is more beneficial than just copying one particular lesson.  (Give them a fish, or teach them to fish sort of thing!)

Young artists are capable of so much more than adults give imagine.  Children and artists of all ages, regardless of talent, can learn to draw and paint at a high level. As with any skill, with enough time, study and dedication, anyone can learn a skill.  Become confidant in that skill, master it, and be empowered to use that skill make something awesome, now that’s talent.  Talent is not about the skill.  Skills can be learned. Talent is in how skills are used for a purpose. Talent is the art voice!

Mrs. Erin lives in Kennesaw, GA with her husband Ben, and their two little artists Bennett and Caroline.  She is a published illustrator for several authors, and is authoring and illustrating her own teaching series of books.  She loves nearly every form of art, with a special interest in charcoal, pen & ink, painting and sculpture! She is passionate about sharing her love of art with children, and empowering young artists to embrace the fundamentals of art as early in life as possible.

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