Ann Burton


    Ann Burton, the only daughter among five children, began drawing as a young girl and continued throughout high school and college.

    A series of life changes drew her away from art until she was diagnosed with cancer when she picked up the paintbrush as part of her healing experience.  Though the illness left her unable to have children, she was blessed with two beautiful adopted daughters, and has become a student understand how to help children with a history of trauma.  Much of her artwork integrates subtle hints of diversity and acceptance in her subject matter. Her artwork has shown in numerous exhibitions and has won multiple awards.

    As her children got older, Ann returned to school to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Art Education.    The goal of her return to school was to learn how to help others express themselves through artwork, and to explore the cathartic nature of the creative process. 

    Ann currently has art on display in the Forsyth County Courthouse, as well as a local antique mart. 

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