About Kris Straukas

From the first moment I picked up a pencil in my high school art class my life has never been the same. I found that a simple pencil is a powerful tool of self-expression with infinite possibilities. Except for a few college courses and private workshops I am self taught, for over 30 years of learning and experimenting my love of pencil work has not diminished. All of my work consists of portraiture, animals or floral pieces. My first love is nature, with my floral pieces I want to catch the viewer's eye and get them to really "see" the beauty of a flower, the stunning colors and lines, by blowing up the detail to the point of almost making it abstract. My animal drawings and portraits are a passion of mine, I love being able to become a storyteller for the client. I believe art is a creation for the eye, producing work to be appreciated by the viewer. My favorite quote is, "Learning never exhausts the mind"..Leonardo De Vinci.