About Al Money

I was once told that I had sap in my veins. There could be an element of truth to that. While I have only been seriously turning wood for about three years, I have been working with wood and around wood most of my life. My grandfather was a builder and when I was small and would visit, he would always take me down to his basement shop and we would build something. We kept the neighbors supplied with birdhouses and picture frames. I was an Industrial Arts major in college and taught classes in woodworking, metalworking and drafting in the Forsyth County school system for for many years. When I retired a few years ago, I had a desire to get back to doing something with wood and wood turning has always interested me. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of my work as much as I enjoyed creating them. The four items in the Portfolio below will be on display at the Sawnee Artists Association Colors of Fall exhibit, September 6-13, 2014 at Sexton Hall Enrichment Center, 2115 Chloe Road, Cumming, GA 30041. Please come by.